Have questions? We have answers!

I don't know how to do a Virtual Seminar and don't have the Software!

No Problem! As long as you have a computer and a microphone you can do an online presentation using our simple user friendly platform. You can use Microsoft Power Point, Apple Key Note, or any presentation software to display your own slides and videos . Two Minute Introduction Video

How much does it cost to present?

Our service is Free! We do this to promote our 2 physical shows. Del Mar Electronics & MFG Show in San Diego and the Anaheim Electronics & MFG Show in Orange County CA

Are we required to give the seminar, and if so what would that entail?

You do the seminar on your computer. It is extremely simple using our platform. We will set you up prior to your talk and monitor the live presentation . A few days before the live session we will schedule a meeting with you on the phone and Online to check your computer to make sure everything works properly. Then 30 minutes before the talk we will do a quick, short dry run with you to double check set-up. Finally at show time we will introduce you and monitor the session for Chat / Q&A questions and then help you with anything you might need.

Is a classroom seminar different from a virtual seminar or webinar?

Webinars are just seminars. The only difference is that instead of using an LCD projector you will be using your computer to project to our on-line platform. We will be there to host and help you with audience questions and chat comments.

Will the webinar / seminar be pre-recorded or presented live?

The webinar can be live or recorded or a hybrid of both (your VirtualCon host will help), and either way, recorded for future viewing. Past sessions will be search-able on VirtualCon and search engines such as Google, social media and our Linked-In group.

How do we get assigned a time slot?

You can pick a date to sign up in the speaker LogIn tab above. Presently, there will be one session a day at 10:00 am Pacific time, until demand requires more than one a day.

How long are the sessions?

The talk should be no longer than 30 minutes, including follow up Q&A to keep your audience engaged. The speaker needs to be available the entire time since they will need to give the seminar and follow up with answers to questions and discussions.

Do we get the information of the Attendees?

Attendees have to pre-reg with their email, and we will give you the list of everyone that attended your Seminar.

These Webinars are to help promote our two physical local trade shows in Southern California.